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Full-spectrum institutional investment management firm: from precision credit to visionary venture capital

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About Us

We are investors, builders & innovators across the real estate and technology spectrum. We have invested $8bn+ globally since 2016.

We partner with top-tier entrepreneurs, operators and lenders to invest across the capital stack of real estate, structured finance and technology.

Our Strategies

Our Commitments

We treat our work, and the world, with respect and will leave things better than we found them. Our 92nd percentile and 89th percentile UNPRI scores* reflects this.

*1Sharpe is a signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment. For full details on 1Sharpe’s 2021 UNPRI scores, please see link to UNPRI Public Reports at the bottom of this page.

Investment Metrics

invested across North
America and Europe
homes purchased, managed & renovated
by 1Sharpe co-founders
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by 1Sharpe co-founders

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